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Blending industrial design and classic look it shows the beatuy of unconventional materials in the form of a bowtie.  Be the center of attention or start conversation with this unique bowtie.  Look Sharp! Feel Refined!



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Our Spring Collection Is Here!

Caleb Conradi

The weather is starting to warm that means its time to have some fun.  Add some color to your outfit with our two new colors.  Or look sharp with our new tie LEX that we have added to the collection.

Bust out the linen and crack an Oberon!

Raspbery Craft Beers

Caleb Conradi

Craft beer is a item that is very much dependent on taste these are just my thoughts and these are all great establishments.  I will warn you in advance most of the beers reviewed will be limited release beers that may not be the easiest to come by.  I am fortunate enough to have good friends that a very much into there beer which is how I have been able to try these.  The goal of these post are not go into the intricate details but to tell you was the price worth the admittance.  

To start I am going to talk about a couple raspberry beers.  For the line up there was New Glarus Raspberry Tart 2015, Weyerbacher Riserva 2015, and Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock 2013.  I choose these as to give a feel for a good Wisconsin beer, where I live now, and to where I am from.

These three beers all though all Raspberry flavored taste extremely different.  

New Glarus Raspberry Tart coming from New Glarus, Wisconsin is a great session beer that is lite and refreshing.  It is perfect year round and at low abv of 4% you could drink this as a season beer. This in fact is so mild you would not know it was alcoholic if you did not buy it.  It has always reminded me the sparkling juice that had at communion growing up and should hence be referred to as Jesus juice.  Along with this the 25 oz. bottle will only run you around $10 at the store.  If you can find this I would definitely recommend picking up at least one.  It is good for those new to craft beer and those who appreciate the nuances.

Weyerbacher Riserva coming from Easton, PA right on the New Jersey boarder is a slap to the face.  To start with if you are not a fan of sours this is not the beer for you.  If you have not had sours before you could start with just about anything from Jolly Pumpkin to see if its for you.  This is a sour explosion it packs a ton of flavor but will have your mouth puckering.  If you get a bottle I would recommend letting it sit for a little to take off some of the bite.  This one is also very boozy at and abv of 10% it will have you stumbling.  A bottle of this will run you around $20 for a 22 oz.  With the high abv bottle size and tartness I would say only get this if you plan on sharing with friends who enjoy sours.

Kuhnhenn Raspberry Eisbock from Warren, MI is the sleeper syrup that will knock you down on your butt.  Eisbock's are made by slowly freezing the beer and skimming off the ice from the top leaving only the higher alcohol concentrated mix.  As with this it is very labor intensive and you see this in the price.  This beer is almost like a cough medicine but in a good way.  It is very thick and full of flavor you only need a little bit and that is a good thing because at abv of 15.5% and $30 for an 12.6 oz. its not cheap.  You can only find this at the brewery usually around end of November to December time frame.  This is a splurge on the budget as the price is high due to the process it takes to make it.  While this is a good beer I would recommend trying it at the brewery and I do miss that there former brew master Todd Schwem left.  This one I would give a maybe.  It is one of those white whales that is the top rated Eisbock's on beer advocate but is not cheap and very limited release.

Overall I would have New Glarus as an everyday drinker with price and as a session beer this is a great beer to bring to a beer share or draw new friends into craft beer.  I would love yo hear your thoughts and opinions on if this was helpful as I continue to hone the blog.  In the meantime feel free to check out our bottle opener bowtie to look sharp and be able to crack the next bottle at your own bottle share.

Caleb Conradi

Refined Bowties Co.