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Easton, PA, 18042

Blending industrial design and classic look it shows the beatuy of unconventional materials in the form of a bowtie.  Be the center of attention or start conversation with this unique bowtie.  Look Sharp! Feel Refined!

Bow Ties and the Modern Man... also a glow in the dark bowtie


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Bow Ties and the Modern Man... also a glow in the dark bowtie

Caleb Conradi

Part of growing up is learning but on top of that is taking on responsibilities.  In the world today you are constantly bombarded by deadlines and goals at work and at home.  This leaves you wondering, when will I have time to get anything done?  As I have struggled with this I have found breaking down a list of tasks for each day to be a great help.   Every day I write out a list of what I need to accomplish at work and make a second list for what I need to accomplish at home.  This way you can take those insurmountable goals and break them into small pieces.  As I complete these goals I cross them out and get the feeling of reward knowing that I am moving closer to the end goal.  Now while this might not be the best analogy I have always enjoyed the the saying "Q:How do you eat an elephant? A:One bite at a time."

Recently I was able to complete one of these goals in making a glow in the dark bow tie.  At first it seemed like a daunting task but I broke it down step by step and you can see the end result in the picture and is now our "Glo-Tie"  I was very happy to complete this and I am now moving onto my next big goal to start my MBA.  This will be a large endeavor but I am starting by making a list and checking each part off as it is complete.

Now is your turn to make a list and see how much you can accomplish when you break those big tasks into smaller ones.


-Caleb (RBCO)