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Blending industrial design and classic look it shows the beatuy of unconventional materials in the form of a bowtie.  Be the center of attention or start conversation with this unique bowtie.  Look Sharp! Feel Refined!



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Caleb Conradi

We are recently returning from this years Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans to show our ties to those in the restaurant industry and while down there we met Zane Lamprey.  In meeting him he is a great example of what it takes to succeed and how to not let setbacks hold you down.  He has worked hard to build his brand expand even when facing setbacks with changing networks.  You can find out his latest progress and new projects including the launch of Chug through this link Zane Lamprey.  We wish him the best of luck in are thankful for his inspiration.

This is what it takes to succeed the willingness to persevere when others would quite to work harder and longer.  You need to want success more.  Find what you love and do that.  It will not be easy and it will take sacrifice but in the end you will you be proud of what you created.

Thanks to all of those we met in New Orleans and Tales patrons.  You were the first to see our brand new tie design El Commodore and newly improve bottle opener design Cheers.

Until next time stay refined. RBCo.

-Caleb Conradi

Make a Lasting First Impression

Caleb Conradi

One of the reasons I like bowties is that they make you stand apart in a crowd.  They take you from one in a crowd to an individual a leader.  I used a handcrafted bow tie at my last job interview.  When trying to decide what to wear I threw caution to the wind and decided to be myself and wore a hand made bow tie.  Not only was this a great conversational piece in the interview but it showed I could think outside the box and was not afraid to take risks.  It was a lasting first impression that got me the job and was all the talk of the company before I even started.  

Now why not go out and make an impression yourself?  Be a leader and look sharp!

If you have similar stories I would love to hear them and share them with others.


Caleb Conradi

This past week I traveled down to Wilmington, NC work and now that I am back I am ready to show your our next take on modern men's fashion.  Marble bowties.  This way you can let natures design give the one of a kind touch to a handmade product.  I also got to play with wood and added center band create a hybrid concrete wood bowtie.