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Easton, PA, 18042

Blending industrial design and classic look it shows the beatuy of unconventional materials in the form of a bowtie.  Be the center of attention or start conversation with this unique bowtie.  Look Sharp! Feel Refined!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the bow ties heavy?

A: They are slightly heavier, about 2-4 oz. (a typical necktie weights ~2 oz.).

Q: Are the metal ties sharp?

A: No they have been rounded to have a smooth edge but you will look sharp wearing them.

Q: Will they rust? (Metal Works)

A: We have coated the ties to prevent rust however after countless wears their is a tiny possibility of the coating is worn away and get a little bit.

Q: Will they fit my neck?

A: We have made an adjustable neck strap fiting sizes 14"-24".  If you fall outside of this range you will have to contact us.

Q: Are they fragile? (Concrete Works)

A: We have undergone multiple iterations to get the concrete just right to make this extremely unlikely but if it does please email us at and are quality department will come to the rescue.  No one is perfect but we are 99% awesome 1% entropy.

Q: Is your product made in the US?

A: We manufacture sew, cut, pour, assemble all in the beautiful state of PA.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: You can find this through this link (add link here) or find it at the bottom of the page under "Return Policy".  Good name for the link right?

Q: Can I get a custom bowtie made?

A: Yes we can work out the details and pricing.  Send the question/request to

Q: Which came first the chicken or the egg?

A: The dinosaurs.

Q: Last but not least.  What is the meaning to life the universe and everything?

A: 42.


Thank you for taking your time to read through our frequently asked questions if you have not found the answer you were looking for please send us an email and we would be happy to help you.